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What is an heat pump?

Heating and air-conditioning utitlities in one system

Single-owner heat pump

Apartment block heat pump

The heat pump is a machine capable of transferring energy from a low temperature environment to a high temperature system . With the same procedure through which a pump raises a fluid from a lower level to a higher, the heat pump, using a single system, allows to heat and cool environments of a home or a workplace ,in addition to produce domestic hot water for daily requirements.

The heat pump system is able to meet all the needs of environment air-conditioning and heating, ensuring the comfort and well-being of those who live or work. It is a technology that contributes to the sustainability of the environment and the reduction of energy consumption, with economic savings in electricity bills and a return on investment in the short term , thanks to government incentives and facilities you can benefit.

From the energy point of view, the process at the base of the heat pump is always worth: 1 KWh of electric energy will produce up to 5 kWh of thermal energy. The energy obtained is always greater than the committed one. An heat pump system finally increases the economic value of the property on the market.

Heat pump details